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In 2002, John and I were starting to house hunt.  We looked at a house and were disappointed.  It was in desperate need of repair/remodel and it was rather pricey.  John's mother suggested looking for land so that we could just build a house that would satisfy our needs.  The realtor mentioned a fairly large piece of land on Mingle Inn Road.  He said that it was the old blueberry farm.  John and I went to check it out and fell in love with the land.  The blueberry field was a mess.  It was left go for a couple of years.  John figured that he could bulldoze the blueberry bushes down and we could build our house on that part of the land.  I said, "NO WAY!"  I tld him that the blueberry farm was a wonderful opportunity.  It was established in the 60's and I didn't want to see it go quite yet.  Besides, I LOVE BLUEBERRIES!


Obviously, I prevailed.  We were able to purchase the property.  We began extensive renovations on the blueberry field.  We replaced hundreds of missing bushes and trimmed the old bushes.  We've expanded the farm by adding a new blueberry field.  It has been a long journey, but we are finally becoming pleased with the way our farm looks.  We are excited about utilizng our newly installed drip irrigation system and we look forward to redoing the old blueberry field as hedgerows.  We certainly have come a long way from our first season, but we continue to do our best to improve our blueberry farm.  We look forward to seeing you and your family on our farm.  Trust us, you'll LOVE our blueberries!

                                                                   ~Crystal Eisenhauer


Extensive Renovations Continue...





Our extensive renovations included moving every single bush in the field.  We now have solid hedgerows in our field along with an irrigation system that is up and running, which is really the key to a great blueberry crop.  We also did heavy trimming.  This will help us for an awesome 2016 season next year.  It was kind of a pay now or pay later type of situation for us.  We truly believe this renovation will help our farm's future.  We want to better serve our community and the surrounding areas.  We want to express our sincere appreciation and thankfulness for your understanding and patience during this transition time.

Happy Ten Year Anniversary!






John and I recently celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary by renewing our wedding vows.  It was such a gorgeous day!  We were so thrilled to include our children, Brett and Abby, in our celebration!


 John Eisenhauer

Phone: 570 752-0800

Email: gotberries@hotmail.com

Crystal Eisenhauer

Phone: 570 752-0800

Email: gotberries@hotmail.com

Where to Find Us:

Split Rock Blueberry Farm
472 Mingle Inn Road
Berwick, PA 18603

Phone: 570 752 0800


Email: gotberries@hotmail.com

What's New:



Unfortunately due to our extensive & ongoing renovations and current situations in our family, we find it necessary to take this year off.  We feel that our renovations will help us to become a better farm and will help our farm to better serve our community and surrounding areas.  The wet weather (and our irrigation system) has been wonderful for our blueberry bushes.  They just love water!  They are putting up new growth like crazy, which is where your fruit comes the following year.  We want to express how appreciative and thankful we are for your understanding and patience during this transition time.  We are looking forward to an outstanding 2016 season!  Thank you again for your support!


We want to say thank you to our loyal customers! 


We hope you have a berry nice rest of the summer!





For the fourth year in a row, we are pesticide and insecticide free!

SPLIT ROCK ON TV!Check us out in this youtube video from a few years ago.



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